On board Experience

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The people and Mindset

This is not a ordinary cruising trip. There is no special requirement to participate. We have only one requirement: Open mind and sense of adventure. Sailing can be hard on the first days due to sea sickness, but this, can be somehow overcome with preventive actions that we will share with you. Most of the people that like to sail have may things in common. You will be among friendly people with alot of stories to tell from their previous adventures. You are free to do whatever you want during the sailing passage. You can use it to disconnect from the world and meditate and contemplate Nature, be an active member in navigation, night shifts, cooking or both! This is an offshore sailing adventure. You need to have an open mind because the weather, sea state, movement of the boat, sea sickness, temperature and wet environment can be tiresome and exhausting at some point of the sailing passage. "The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails." ― William Arthur Ward

Duties on board

These are the basic duties on board. You will be invited to participate, but you are free to do whatever you want. - Wash dishes - Cleaning - Cooking - Day/Night watch (always with the skipper) - Logbook - Navigating - Sail trimming - Steering - Serve drinks (only at port)

Health and Sea Sickness

It is very important to communicate any special health condition, physical or mental. We need you to fill a questionnaire with health questions. This questionnaire will be kept safe and destroyed/deleted at the end of the trip. This information is very important for the skippers to act in any unexpected medical situation. Typical questions: Food allergies. Antibiotic or other drug allergies. Diabetes, hypertension, heart, recent surgery and other medical condition. Please, bring your favourite sea sickness pills, even if you never had sea sickness before!

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We love to ear your opinion and thoughts during your adventure. Please share your high and low moments with the crew and skippers. During our passage we all depend on each other, like a family, and you should fell free to share your feelings. We do not have internet or voice satellite communications for personal use, only for life treating emergencies.


You will receive a simple questionary about food allergies and special dietary requirements. We will do our best to fulfil any special dietary requirement taking into account that we are in a sailboat. Breakfast, lunch and snacks are on self-service basis. You can serve every time you want from the fridge, fruit and everything you can grab. We will try to prepare, at least, one hot meal at noon and if weather permits, we also do a hot lunch meal. Non-alchoolic drinks are also on a self-service basis. You should try to keep yourself well hidrated, and water is the best. At sea, we have a zero-policy concerning alchoolic drinks. At port you are free to drink and for shure we will join you to celebrate our safe arrival!


We kindly ask to not eat in your cabin or bunk and in the navigation desk. We also kindly ask to leave you cabin or bunk as clean as possible and the end of the passage.

Zero Tolerance

We have zero tolerance and you will not board or will be left at the closest port at your own expenses if you exhibit any of the following behaviours: drunkenness, sexual harassment, uncooperative behaviour, verbal or physical violence, offensive behaviour, carrying or consumption of illegal drugs (with no exception whatsoever). You will not be entitled for refund or indemnity for any kind of damage.

Weather and sea state

The best time to sail the Algarve-Madeira route is during May to September. We will encounter good weather during these months, however, we will monitor the weather before and during our passage. Departure will be delayed if the weather does not permit a safe passage. The route from Algarve to Madeira is shorter, faster and more comfortable because we will get favourable wind and swell. Wind will blow from astern. The route from Madeira to Algarve is longer, slower and more adventurous. The boat will sail about a 45-degree angle from the wind. This is also pretty fun!!


Book here a departure date and route. After booking we will contact shortly with more information concerning the preparation of your adventure. See you soon! Nuno Micaelo nuno@sailingnortada.com

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