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Before you book with us and checking 'agree' during booking, you agree that you have read and understand the following information:

You are booking a sailing passage with NORTADA, Alameda das Linhas de Torres 152, 1750-004 Lisboa, email nuno@sailingnortada.com, mobile 916077486. NORTADA is the booking service of EssenceYatch that will provide this service to you in cooperation with its collaborators, employees and service partners.

EssenceYatch is a Portuguese Operator registered in the RNAAT (National Registry of Tourist Animation Agents) as maritime-tourist operator, with registration number 486/2017

Acknowledgment and Liability

Acknowledgment of these terms is required for each person joining a passage with NORTADA, service partners, collaborators and employees . Please read carefully before agreeing below. By checking 'agree' below this Agreement, each person participating in a sailing passage waives all claims against NORTADA., and any reservation, booking agent, service partner, collaborators and employees for injury, accident, illness or death during or by reason of their joining a passage on our sailing vessels.

"I ACKNOWLEDGE that I am aware that during the passage in which I will be participating, certain risks and dangers may arise, including but not limited to, the hazards of traveling on the open sea, falling overboard, storms, high winds, collision of vessels, shipwreck, travel ashore in remote terrain, the forces of nature, and accident or without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. I am also aware and clearly understand that NORTADA will have no liability regarding provision of medical care or the adequacy of any care that may be rendered. I have read the “Safety Rules” and “On board experience” information supplied to me on sailingnortada.com and agree to abide by these rules on board or ashore, for the duration of the expedition. I understand that although NORTADA. may make suggestions as to air carriers and travel agents, they assume no liability for injury, damage, delay, irregularity or loss of baggage relating to airline travel. In consideration of the Agreement with NORTADA. to participate in this passage, I hereby agree that I will assume all risk of this trip and I will not make any claims against NORTADA. or sue for bodily injury, emotional trauma, death and/or property damage resulting from negligence or unseaworthiness of the vessel, or other acts, however caused, as a result of my participation in this expedition. I, therefore, release, indemnify and discharge NORTADA. and its booking agents, service providers, collaborators and employees from all claims, actions and demands that I may have for bodily injury, death or property damage arising from my participation in the sailing passage."


In the unlikely event a legal dispute should arise, I agree the dispute shall exclusively be brought before the appropriate court in Lisbon, Portugal.


After booking confirmation, you will receive an online invoice for a 10% deposit. This deposit is to secure your place. We only accept 4 guests per vessel, and it is important to secure your place. This invoice is due immediately in order to officially reserve your place.

A second invoice will be issued for the remaining amount and must be payed 45 days before departure.

In case of last minute bookings (less than 45 days before departure) you will receive a single invoice for the total value. This invoice is due in 5 week days in order to officially reserve your place.


You can cancel, re-book or receive a refund if you cancel your booking by 45 or more days before departure. Within 45 days of departure no refund or credit can be made for any reason or no show

NORTADA will cancel your reservation, deny boarding or leave you in the closest port at your own expenses if you exhibit any of the following behaviours: drunkenness, sexual harassment, uncooperative behaviour, verbal or physical violence, offensive behaviour, carrying or consumption of illegal drugs (with no exception whatsoever). You will not be entitled for refund or indemnity for any kind of damage.

Comunication and Important Dates

(immediately after booking) – Email information: Booking dates, Guest form, terms and conditions, Flight and hotel tips, what is included, safety, sailing destination, on board experience

(immediately after booking) – Online invoice for 10% deposit (due immediately)

(immediately after deposit) - Email information remainder: What to pack checklist, Flight and hotel tips, what is included, safety, sailing destination, on board experience, terms and conditions

(immediately after deposit) – Online invoice for full payment (due 45 days before departure)

(55 days prior departure) – 1st invoice due reminder

(50 days prior departure) – 2nd invoice due reminder

(45 days prior departure) – 3rd and last invoice due reminder

(after full payment) – Email crew information: Arrival information, Crew and Skipper information, Final baggage check list

(15 days before departure) - Email weather information: Weather information, Route Navigation, Arrival information, How to find us, Whatsapp chat group invitation

(3 days before departure) – Email departure date information: Departure date confirmation, Link for vessel tracking, Weather information, Route Navigation, Arrival information, How to find us


Vessel, passengers, crew and guests are fully protected by a mandatory insurance imposed by law (Decreto-Lei n.º 149/2014)


It is mandatory to attend the safety briefing before departure. It is mandatory the use of a life vest every time you are on the cockpit, regardless of the weather conditions and sea state. Life lines are mandatory at night. During the day, the skipper may enforce the use of life line in special occasions.

Data Privacy

All data provided by you, online or in paper forms, is for exclusive use of NORTADA and follows the “Regulamento Geral de Proteção de Dados (RGPD)” enforce from 25 of may 2018.

What is included

The service includes a sailing passage in a sailboat piloted by a legally competent skipper and helping person. Dates of departure and arrival are estimated during booking and are subject to change for weather security reasons. All meals, snack and drinks on sea are included free of charge (at least one hot meal a day if weather permits). Full legal insurance. Private en-suite cabin on the catamaran and bunk or cabin in monohull sailboats. Towel and toiletries.

What is not Included

Flights and Airport transfer. Hotels. Meals and drinks on land. Satellite communications. Visa. Personal extras

Alcoholic drinks, drugs and forbidden items

It is totally forbidden to carry or consume of illegal drugs. Alcoholic drinks are not allowed during sailing, only on port. It is totally forbidden to carry weapons or explosives on board.


You consent to communicate any special health condition, physical or mental by filling a questionnaire with health questions. This questionnaire will be kept safe and destroyed/deleted at the end of the trip.

Final terms

I have carefully read this and understand its terms. I execute it voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance


Book here a departure date and route. After booking we will contact shortly with more information concerning the preparation of your adventure. See you soon! Nuno Micaelo nuno@sailingnortada.com

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