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how to prepare your luggage

Prepare your luggage taking in to account that in the Atlantic ocean it is much colder than on land and it is a wet environment. Evaluate how many items you need accordingly to the number of days offshore. MANDATORY (You cannot board without it): - Passport - Wallet - Deck shoes - Medication (if applicable) CLOTHES: - Quick-dry long-sleeve shirt with UV protection - Fast-drying lightweight trousers - Hat with attachment system - Warm clothes for night watches (it gets very cold at night) - Comfortable clothes to sleep - Warm hat and gloves - Lightweight rain jacket or foul-weather jacket - Wool Socks - Sleeping bag - Warm cloths, sweater, long johns - Deck shoes and boots EQUIPMENT: - Sunglasses - Watch - Foulies (optional) - Water bottle - Headlamp and extra batteries - Ear plugs PERSONAL ITEMS: - Books or Kindle - Music (with headphones) - Camera - Other items for your entertainment - Medication - Sea sickness pills (very important) IMPORTANT: Pack every thing in a single bag


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